Essential Free Software

Classic Shell:

If you own Windows 8, the most essential piece of free software that you need is Classic Shell.  Every Windows 7 training manual teaches you how to use the Start Button in great detail.  You always get at those “used-once-a-month” items through the Start Button.  Every version of Windows has trained you to do so.  To have the Start Button missing in Windows 8 is simply unacceptable for most of us.  Classic Shell rectifies the situation!  Every owner of Windows 8 gets very excited whenever I introduce them to Class Shell.  You will too!


The other free piece of software that you must own and use if you have Windows is Ccleaner. You use the cleaner daily to keep your Internet Browsers running efficiently. And, you use the Registry Cleaner to keep the “dead-wood” out of your registry so that your computers boot up faster.  Most clients would never need to call us if they got into the habit of using Ccleaner every day.

Malware Removal:

See our free advice for Malware prevention and removal.

FREE Malware Removal Software: MAL B GONE




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